• Summer Nights at La Galeria Periana

    Here at La Galeria Periana, we hosted yet another showcasing open event at Villa Olivia at the beginning of August exhibiting the wonderful art of Coby Bloemsma and the exciting sculptures of Merle Kumschier.  Coby displayed quite a collection of diverse art and La Galeria was able to showcase this to its full potential.  But what a fantastic Summer this has been.

    The sculptures of Merle Kumshier’s which have held pride of place now for 2 exhibitions will also be leaving us at the end of this month.  Don’t miss the chance to view the extensive collection of these talented ladies work all in one place.

    However, as the saying goes… “all good things must come to an end” so sadly our exciting and comprehensive exhibition’s finishes on the 25th August.

    Summer nights at La Galeria are just the best!  Let me tell you about our last open event… Imagine this, it´s hot and humid in 40 degrees heat at 7pm (thank goodness for air conditioning…. and wine….)!

    Artists & art lovers alike met and appreciated the exhibition and work of our guest Artists.   It was such a busy evening…..The wine and cava was flowing and it was really good to see so many new faces.  It was quite clear that for those who had never visited before how amazed they were by the wonderful paintings and sculptures that were displayed in our bright and magnificent gallery.

    The Buddha (as always) was a good talking point and it was actually suggested by one of the guests that the large wooden African bed also displayed in our Gallery, that maybe it would be a good idea to do some “live art” from this…… Ooohhhh errrrr any takers??

    If you didn’t make our open event this month, don’t worry, we will be hosting another one very soon, but our thanks goes out to everyone that continues to support us and also a huge massive thank you to Coby and Merle.  In the mean-time if you are thinking of visiting us at La Galeria Periana any time soon don’t forget directions are published on our website and we are always happy to guide you in by telephone.

    Next month we have some very exciting news to tell you all….. Ever heard of Shirley Valentine?  Keep posted, September is going to be a busy month!

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