• Art Can Change The World

    Well, what a fantastic week we have had here at La Galeria! There is always lots happening, and this week is no exception as we are preparing for our next event which will be held on Friday 4th August 7-9pm. We will be exhibiting Art from the talented Coby Bloemsma.

    Art is such a wonderful subject to talk about, I honestly don´t know where to start at times! Have you tried telling someone about a subject you are passionate about without over selling it and making them bored, when they clearly have very little interest in what you are doing? Then let’s make art interesting! If you´re not an art lover, or you have never experienced art I am going to show you how….

    I want to introduce you to an interesting man called Steve Godfrey. In 2005 Steve and his family made the bold decision to move to Andalucía and try something completely new. Settling in Periana, his partner Midi set up Detox-international, their young son started his education in the local school and Steve began a new career as a full time Artist.

    It’s a brave thing for anyone to do, venture out and to completely relocate. This takes lots of energy, motivation and perseverance something that Steve clearly had! But Art is not always about free drawing and capturing moments real time or otherwise. Art is about creativity, about feeling the movement of every brush stroke as it is made, its about emotions and feelings. Every picture has a story to tell, it´s captured forever and gives you something to remember.

    Here at La Galeria we have the most fantastic and unusual piece of artwork created by Steve entitled “Playtime”. This showcases a wheelbarrow of orangutans and every movement you take in the room their eyes follow you. There is no escaping the memory or forgetting this picture, you will always remember the look on their faces as though they are looking directly into your soul.

    For me, the subject of the picture is so important, so how can we as individuals help these beautiful animals?

    • Join a cause. There are many organisations that help to protect orangutans and their habitats. …
    • Buy FSC-certified products
    • Say no to Paseo & Livi paper products
    • Avoid Products that contain palm oil
    • Become an activist
    • Go Green

    But most of all “Spread the Word”

    To say nothing, to do nothing, stops nothing.

    (Video courtesy of The Dodo on YouTube)

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